Our core business : Validation

To validate is to :

  • Set up a testing strategy
  • Set up testing processes
  • Work out and define an expected and optimal level of quality (in compliance with real client usage) aiming at maximising reliability of a product and its return on investment (eliminate failures and reach the desired quality level: for each project, product or software, the desired quality level differs)
  • Automate the test passing through the development of specific software (such as modelisation, test stands, etc) if and only if the test volume requires so.
  • Set up testing plans and specifications
  • Run the defined tests thoroughly (unit, integration, validation, stress and performance tests)
  • Prioritize the criticity of failures
  • Manage the proof and evolution of the process
  • Prepare and bring up the product to certification
  • Trace tests and requirements in adequate tools to prepare non-regression.

To validate is not to :

  • Eliminate all failures/bugs but reach the desired quality level defined with our partners :
    • Too many tests = quality too high = higher production costs due to validation
    • Too few tests = insufficient quality = hidden costs due to customer feedback + loss of clients
  • Have the developer run the tests...

We offer our support...

By analysing your methods and tools, we will support you during your project by making sure it fulfills its specifications and requirements.

Our teams aspire to be :

  • A source of guidance during all the phases of a product validation : definition of a testing process, testing automation, test specifications writing, testing software usage, versioning, etc.
  • A source of support to validation teams : test passing, test campaigns and reports writing, anomaly management, etc.

... according to your activity area...

Intervening as a "First buyer", YggVal fully embodies the third party role, external to the development, only relying on the specifications to check that the entirety of the requirements are implemented, independantly of your activity area.

Our teams participate in validating equipments from :

  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The railroad industry
  • The aeronautical industry
  • The production of home appliances
  • The automation industry
  • The manufacturing of RFID chips
  • The telecommunications industry
  • And many more

... your project management model...

YggVal fully adapts its validation methods to all the project managements models currently existing. Our methods allow us to integrate validation in all the steps of a product creation process, by adapting to your tools.

Our engineers will know how to integrate your teams to help meet your quality objectives while meeting your deadlines, wether they are short-term like a sprint, or long-term like a V cycle.

Our transversal experience of the validation profession allow us to maintain a constantly renewed vision of the state of the art, which is constantly evolving in the current industrial landscape.

... and your preference in collaboration

YggVal is able to intervene as a :

  • Service center : our facilities offer the necessary space to your products validation
  • Package : together we will estimate the project load and adapt the service to your budget
  • On-site assistance : our skills can be delegated through an on-site consultant, from project management to test passing

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