Validation / Qualification

Thanks to our validation department stemming from various activity areas, YggVal offers an innovative approach founded on the transversality of the Validator profession

Our services will allow you to validate your products faster, while maintaining their quality standards. The expertise provided by our engineering department leads to an optimal test coverage.

This is the transversality of Validation !

IT Outsourcing / Development

Validation requires knowledge in network infrastructure management , as well as various programming languages skills.

YggVal has internal resources allowing us to set up testing platforms and develop specific testing software, most notably for automation.

Development and IT Outsourcing serving validation !

Training / Coaching

The expertise gathered from within various activity areas allow us to integrate knowledge in our partners' teams, with training.

Besides technical training, we can accompany you in various domains such as management , communication and personal development

Supporting you through validation is good. Training you is better !