Our additional departments : IT outsourcing and development

Validation requires knowledge in network infrastructure management, as well as various programming languages skills.

YggVal has internal resources allowing us to set up plateformes de test and develop specific testing software, most notably for automation.

Our IT Outsourcing services

To maintain our skills in network infrastructures management for our validation needs, we have set up a real IT outsourcing department, offering IT infrastructure monitoring to our clients

Our tools automatically monitor, daily and remotely, the state of servers, backups and hard drives space. An alert is transmitted to our Hotling, which is capable of intervening quickly.

Our technicians perform an annual audit and check the integrality of your IT infrastructure.

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Our development services

The software development requests coming from our clients are numerous, especially for validation needs :

  • Software allowing the monitoring of a hotline used in the surgical environment
  • Mobile app for assembly line monitoring in the aeronautical industry
  • Software stub simulating a test environment
  • Test automation software

To maintain our skill in development and to provide an answer these specific requests, YggVal has chosen to develop its own software : TiliaMobile

TiliaMobile is a fully customizable, web-based ERP that allow you to consult your data and browse files remotely.

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